LLCA Statement on Clubs Nov. 18

Dear LLCA Parents,
The LLCA Board of Directors would like to extend sincere appreciation for all of the support we have received during the past few days.  The parent & community support are what make LLCA  a strong and successful school.
The Policy Committee met this afternoon and brought to the table all the tools it needs to navigate the school through the current situation, including guidance from multiple attorneys.  Each member of the committee is dedicated to bringing a timely, well informed, equitable solution to the board before the next board meeting which will be held December 10th at 5:30pm. It is our goal that club activities will be reinstated, clear guidelines and policies written, and a path defined for the creation and operation of existing and future clubs/groups.  We encourage all parents and community members to continue to stand in support of our school and the Policy Committee as they complete the task assigned.

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LLCA Statement on Clubs

At the November 12th board meeting, the board heard from parents and discussed the school’s policies on extra-curricular clubs.  While these clubs are secondary to the mission of the school, they have been a valuable part of the overall culture and student experience at LLCA.  Out of prudence, the board has temporarily suspended all club activities and has tasked the Policy Committee to obtain legal guidance and to bring a recommended approach to the board.  The board is committed to the success of the school and the fulfillment of our educational mission through academic rigor and support for all students.

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