Board Committees

Current Committee Assignment

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Committee Purpose:


To serve an advisory role to the Board and School Director on matters related to the school’s buildings and grounds, including improvements and new construction.  Assists in planning and managing facilities projects.

To serve an advisory role to the Board, School Director and Business Manager on matters of school finance.  This will include the preparation and management of the budget, the school’s financial plan, evaluation of monthly financial reports and annual audit reports, financing and investments.    The committee will also review and recommend financial management policies and procedures and monitor internal controls.  The Board Treasurer typically chairs this committee.

To serve an advisory role to the Board and School Director on staffing matters.  This will include staffing and compensation strategies, personnel policies and staff evaluation.  This committee will coordinate the annual school director evaluation and assist with matter of hiring, firing and staff development.

Education Program / Curriculum
To serve an advisory role to the Board and School Director on matters of the curriculum and overall educational program, including student assessment strategies and results.

To serve an advisory role to the Board and School Director on school policies and operating practices.  The board may task this committee to more deeply assess a topic and to make policy recommendations.  The committee may also identify issues or topics that are of importance to the school community.

Board Development & Nominating
To ensure a healthy, effective and sustaining school board by continually training its directors and providing them tools for more effective governance.  Additionally, it will be continually engaged in recruiting, cultivating and training future board members.  The committee will also facilitate annual assessments of board effectiveness.

To coordinate school marketing, public relations, student recruitment and community outreach activities in order to build and maintain support for the school.

Information Technology
To coordinate the school’s strategies for information systems and support.

To evaluate formal grievances submitted by parents, students or staff.  Grievances could be related to disciplinary decisions or other actions of the school director.  The grievance committee and process is outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook.   The committee will decide whether to bring grievances before the Board of Directors with a recommendation for action.  The committee is comprised of a board member chairperson, one member of the faculty and between 1-3 parents of enrolled students.

Legal Affairs & Bylaws
Convened as needed by the Board to evaluate school legal matters and to consult with the school’s legal counsel; to review the board’s bylaws and to recommend amendments to the board