Assessment & Standards

An enriched, challenging curriculum is taught in every grade level and every subject to every student at LLCA-CFA. Math and Reading are not taught in isolation just to “pass” the state standardized test. Our focus is to daily provide the stimulating content of our curriculum to every student.

LLCA-CFA fulfills the Core Knowledge and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS) Standards and Objectives alignment. Although our school is a charter school, we have the same requirements as all other North Carolina public schools in meeting state standards through End-of-Grade testing in grades 3-8. See below for School Report Card data.


Like students at other public schools, students at Lake Lure Classical Academy: A Challenge Foundation Academy take the State of North Carolina’s End of Grade and End of Course tests.

Historical State Assessment Results

North Carolina School Report Card Data



2014- 2015

2013- 2014

2012- 2013


Read to Achieve

2016-2017 Read to Achieve Grade 3 EOY Results

2017-2018 Read to Achieve Grade 3 EOY Results

Grading Scale


Kindergarten and First Grade*

E = Exceptional

S = Satisfactory

N = Needs Improvement

U = Unsatisfactory


Second – High School

A = 100 – 90

B = 80 – 89

C = 70 – 79

D = 60 – 69

F = 59 and below


* First Grade will transition to a numerical scale during the school year.