Raptor Report Archives

We invite you to check out past issues of The Raptor Report, LLCA’s monthly recap of just some of what has been happening in classrooms and extra-curricular activities throughout the school.

Click on the link below to check out what we’ve been up to at Lake Lure Classical Academy.

March 2018 issue (fourth six weeks recap of recent happens with tons of photos)

February 2018 Issue (third six weeks recap of recent happenings)

November 2017 Issue (second six weeks recap of school happenings)

October 2017 Issue (with a recap from the first of the year)

June 2017 Issue (read about the future plans for the members of the Class of 2017 and what our kindergartners have in mind when they grow up)

May 2017 Issue (with a recap of April events)

April 2017 Issue (with a recap of March events)

March 2017 Issue (with a recap of February events)

January 2017 Issue (with a recap of January events)

December 2016 Issue (with a recap of December events)