Tristan Roos Receives Raptor’s Soar Scholarship

Lake Lure Classical Academy senior Tristan Roos was awarded the first-ever Raptors Soar Scholarship sponsored by Vista at Bill’s Mountain. Tristan was selected because of an amazing list of achievements including his service with Bill’s Creek Volunteer Fire Department and Tristan’s sense of duty to help save the entire community during this fall’s Party Rock fire. Some of Tristan’s other major contributions include volunteer work at the Lake Lure Baptist Church and numerous school projects with the National Honor Society and other school groups. The Raptors Soar Scholarship was presented to Tristan by Chip McDonnell, Vista at Bill’s Mountain Community Representative who noted that Tristan has truly exemplified the LLCA-TeamCFA Motto of “Inspire, Inquire, Serve.”

We all congratulate and celebrate Tristan for this important achievement.

Click to see photos and video from the big event.