Board Committees

 Board Committee Members currently being reassigned for 2018-2019.

Committee Purpose:


Academic Excellence

·      Defines and continues to refine what academic excellence means to LLCA;

·      Partners with the Executive Director and Curriculum Director to set and reach rigorous academic goals;

·      Works with staff to develop academic dashboards to help the board absorb large amounts of complex information and understand patterns and trends.


·      Works with Executive Director and board to define the short- and long-term funding needs of the schools;

·      Sets priorities for fundraising efforts based on agreed-upon goals and evaluates plans and strategies for sustainability and success;

·      Promotes support for the school through community outreach activities.


·      Reviews and approves the school’s technology planning and strategy and assesses impact on facility capacity

·      Reviews significant technology investments and expenditures;

·      Monitors and evaluates existing and future trends in technology that may affect the school’s strategic plans;

·      Monitors the school’s buildings and grounds and recommends improvements and changes when appropriate.


·      Works with the Executive Director and Operations Director to recommend a budget aligned to LLCA’s strategic priorities;

·      Oversees the school’s financial resources;

·      Ensures all board members understand school’s finances;

·      Ensures financial compliance.


·      Ensures a healthy, effective and sustaining school board by continually training its directors and providing them tools for more effective governance;

·      Continually engages in recruiting, cultivating and training future board members;

·      Assesses school’s governance needs, including the size and strategic composition of the board, the committee structure and the school’s bylaws; recommends changes as needed.

·      Appoints Nominating Committee as needed.

·      Plans the annual retreat.


·      Provides overall policy guidance for all matters at LLCA;

·      Works with the Executive Director to review staffing and compensation strategies, personnel policies and staff development;

·      Works with outside legal counsel when required;

·      Coordinates the annual school director evaluation;

Strategic Planning

·      Partners with the Executive Director to determine the process for reviewing and updating the strategic plan and setting annual goals;

·      Determines what other successful charter schools are doing;

·      Monitors key organizational, community and market trends to minimize risk and maximize opportunity to achieve goals outlined in strategic plan;

·      Oversees the completion of a clear, actionable and concise short- and long-term strategic plan.

·      Creates a dashboard that clearly tracks progress toward goals in strategic plan.