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Parent Volunteering

LLCA greatly appreciates its parent volunteers. If you are interested in donating your time, there are three main ways to get involved with the school.

1 – Board of Directors

The LLCA Board of Directors aims to recruit talented, service-oriented committee members that will gain experience in school operations and be a source of candidates for future Directors on the board. Committees perform vital functions for the school and the board in conducting research and analysis, developing policies and making recommendations to the board. If you are interested in potentially joining a board committee, please download and complete the Board Committee application below.

Thank you for your continued support.

Board ApplicationPDF560.45KB

Even if you cannot work with a school board committee, LLCA encourages all parents to attend school board meetings

5 Tips for Parents and Staff
1. Attend:  the board members volunteer their time to support the school.  You are their customers.  This is a great place to hear what the board has to say about school operations and performance.  The objective of school governance is to continually improve the school, and we value your involvement.

2. Listen:  at board meetings, the board will conduct business and make decisions.  Much of the discussion, analysis and information gathering has already been done in the various committees, so the meeting is not intended to be a forum for discussion with the audience.  For some policy decisions, the board may wish to hear the opinions of many parents or staff.  Usually this will be scheduled in a special forum in conjunction with the PTO.

3. Provide Feedback:  at the end of each meeting, there is an agenda item called Public Forum.  It’s an opportunity for anyone to speak to the board.  You can provide constructive feedback, suggestions, make requests, or recognize achievements.  It’s at the end of the meeting because you may hear something in the meeting that triggers an idea or prompts you to comment.

4. Follow Up:  would you like more information on a topic or a better understanding of a policy?  Would you like to give more detailed feedback?  You should reach out to the appropriate committee or contact any of the board members directly.  Also, parents and staff each have a representative that reports during the board meetings—they can be advocates for your ideas or concerns.

5. Join a Committee:  the real work of the board happens in committees.  This is where the challenges and opportunities are tackled relative to curriculum, facilities, finances, personnel, policies, marketing, technology.  We welcome and encourage parents to help improve their school by serving on a committee.



Lake Lure Classical Academy is proud to announce the launch of the RAPTOR PARTNERS Program! RAPTOR PARTNER’S mission is to create a network of qualified parent and community volunteers who can assist teachers within the classroom on a consistent and ongoing basis resulting in increased support for both teachers and students.

If you are a parent who would like to work directly with students, teachers and staff or a community partner who can enrich our school’s learning environment by bringing special talents, hobbies or education to our school, we need you!!!

Please complete the application at this link:
All volunteers will be subject to a background check. Training sessions are required.

LLCA is excited to partner with our parents and community to reach the school’s goal of increased academic achievement for each student through a community wide effort. If you have any questions, please contact the Raptor Partner Volunteer Coordinator at

3 – Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

Every parent and teacher is an automatic member of the PTO.  Our PTO works to support teachers and staff directly through fundraising and coordinated activities.  Annual activities include (but are not limited to): Teacher Appreciation Week, Spring Fling, Box Tops Fundraising.  Check out our PTO page to find out about all of our latest activities!


All parents and community members are also encouraged to assist with various fundraising efforts to help support our school:


Box Tops for Education
LLCA participates in the Box Tops program. Send them in to your child’s teacher any time throughout the year to help raise money for our school.

Ingles Tools for Schools
Link your Ingles Advantage Card to help raise money for our school. When you make purchases using The Ingles Advantage Card, Ingles will give back to the school a portion of those sales. The portion can be used by the school to purchase  school supplies. Click here for more information and to link your Advantage Card.



Community Partners

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