Dress Code & Uniform

***Please be aware as of May 2016, The uniform policy has been updated and the only approved vendors for the 2016-17 school year are Old Navy, Caspers, Lands End and JB Designs.***



LLCA-CFA students are expected to dress in proper uniform attire at all times. Much effort is put into choosing uniform items that are comfortable, modest, durable and attractive. All student uniform items must be ordered from Casper’s Closet in Forest City, NC or an approved vendor from above.

To order uniforms online please follow the links below: Please keep in mind, – Skirts/skorts/shorts: (regardless of vendor) must be knee length (top of the knee or lower).

  • Caspers – shirts/pants/sweatshirts/plaid/sweaters/jackets
  • Lands End – shirts/pants/sweaters/jackets
  • JB Designs
  • Other providers of pants/khacki skirts/skorts/shorts from their uniform line only:
  • Old Navy

As per our June 2014 board meeting: zip up black hoodies will no longer be permitted to be worn in the classroom. They must be removed inside a building.

In it’s place we would allow:

  • LLCA approved, unmodified and in good condition Spiritwear hoodies- available at Caspers and through the school.
  • Solid black hoodless cardigan sweaters, sweater vests, and pull over crew or v-neck sweaters without logo would be permitted. These items may be worn inside the classroom.
  • Lands End and Casper’s also have a black fleece jacket with logo that can be worn in the classroom. Casper’s also has a blue windbreaker that is permitted in the classroom.
  • All other jackets are not permitted in the classroom but can be worn outside when changing classes or participating in outdoor PE activities.


Belts must be worn at all times if there are belt loops. Black, brown or school plaid.


Students may wear brown, black, white or gray shoes or combination thereof their choice. Shoe laces and soles must be black, brown, white or gray as well. No other colors are permitted.

No unnatural hair colors. Colors permitted: black, brown, natural shades of red, blonde. No unnatural colors: blue, purple, green ,neon red, neon orange, neon yellow, neon green, neon blue, neon purple, or any other colors deemed distracting by administration.

Reasons for requiring a uniform policy:

  • Reduces peer pressure.
  • Helps break down socio economic barriers.
  • Lowers cost. (Reducing number of outfits)
  • Student conduct is improved.
  • Ease and convenience.
  • Easy identification on field trips.
  • Creates more serious classroom atmosphere.
  • Promotes positive student and school image.

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to ensure compliance with the uniform dress code.

The parent or guardian may be called to bring proper uniform items to school for any student arriving out of uniform.

For specific details about LLCA-CFA’s Uniform Policy please refer to the Parent and Student handbook.

Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action.

Thank you for your full cooperation with this matter.

Please, be sure to put your child’s name on all uniform items so they can be returned if lost.

We ask that you consider donating all outgrown uniform items to the school.


Listed below are the vendors that provide the embroidered logos for our uniforms.

Thoughts Into Threads
158 Emma Drive
Ellenboro, NC  28040
828-289-7474, 828-453-8724
on Facebook:  Thoughts Into Threads

825 Spartanburg Hwy Suite 5
Hendersonville, NC
828-698-4802, 828-698-4865

Caspers Closet
2270 U.S. 74 Alt
Forest City, NC 28043
(828) 245-7715